Lana Reiss

Lana began her makeup career 11 years ago, and continues to build an impressive resume by working with celebrities, special effects clients, blah blah blah...

Who cares, right? Did you know that chameleon eyes have a 360 degree arc of vision and can see two directions at once? It's pretty freakin' impressive consider the upper and lower eyelids are joined together, only giving them a pinhole large enough for the pupil to see through! Did you also know that the American chameleon isn't actually a chameleon? It's considered to be a small lizard of the iguana family. I know! It's just as deceiving as any woman wearing a fierce contour.

But yes, back on topic. You don't have to have chromatophores to add pigment to your skin. Just have Lana throw on a bit of bronzer and you'll be on your way and ready to make the day your prey!


Basic Makeup, Event Makeup, Character Makeup, Special Effect Makeup, Facial Services, Waxing